Well the next round of the playoffs is coming quick Atlanta vs Green Bay will be an awesome game. Hopefully Matt Ryan and Micheal Turner can route the Packers back to Green Bay.  Aaron Rodgers has been looking better this season .  A lot of people  are trying to place Rodgers up with some of the […]

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The American Diabetes Association

Diabetes can tear a person apart. Completely change who they are, how they live. They need constant monitoring of their blood glucose. They have to balance carb intake with regular insulin shots. I have seen it front hand. My aunt has type 2. My girlfriend has gestational diabetes which could turn permanent. In my first […]

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Ther Rules

Alrighty my rulz and regs here it goes. 1.  No naughty bad language. 2. If you comment please do not use racial slurs or be disrespectful to anyone based on sex, race, religion or sexual orientation. I will not tollerate that here. This is the only warning. Not reading this is not an excuse for it […]

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